By following a fictional group of refugees across Europe, the film questions the production of images surrounding real-life tragedies and deaths. Each segment of the film takes its cue from the destination of the refugees, from FRONTEX depicting the refugees on the Mediterranean Sea, to a photojournalistic reportage from a warehouse somewhere in Belgrade. Where do all these images about refugees come from? How do they reshape the geography of Europe?

Language: English
Video, 28:41min, Color

Festival & Awards

2019/8 La Guarimba - Best Documentary
2019 Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg - Winner International Competition
2018 25FPS - Audience Award
2018 Signes Du Nuit - Edward Snowden Award
2018 Global Migration Film Festival - 2nd place Short film category

2020/07 Taiwan International Human Rights Film Festival
2020/06 Helios Film Festival
2020/04 Dresden Film Fest
2020/04 Beirut Shorts
2020/03 International Film Festival of Uruguay
2020/03 La Fête du Court Métrage
2020/03 Art/Doc Festival Tel Aviv
2019/12 Linea D'Ombra Festival
2019/12 Beijing International Shortfilm Festival
2019/11 Heimspiel Film Festival
2019/11 KFFK Cologne
2019/11 l'Alternativa
2019/11 Alcalá de Henares (ALCINE)
2019/11 BIEFF
2019/11 Moviement Film Festival
2019/8 13,700,000km^3 - Art Space Pythagorion
2019/7 Tabor Film Festival
2019/6 Kino Otok
2019/6 VIS Vienna Shorts
2019/5 Poznan Design Festiwal
2019/4 Courtisane
2019/4 Go Short - European Competition
2019/4 Tabakalerea
2019/3 J'ai Vu Un Documentaire
2019/2 Clermont-Ferrand Festival
2018/11 Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
2018/11 Festival Dei Popoli
2018/11 Medfilm Festival
2018/6 Festival De Cine De Madrid
2018/4 Visions Du Réel

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