By following a fictional group of refugees across Europe, the film questions the production of images surrounding real-life tragedies and deaths. Each segment of the film takes its cue from the destination of the refugees, from FRONTEX depicting the refugees on the Mediterranean Sea, to a photojournalistic reportage from a warehouse somewhere in Belgrade. Where do all these images about refugees come from? How do they reshape the geography of Europe?

Language: English
Video, 28:41min, Color

2022/4 Images en Transit -VISUALITÉ ET CONTRE-VISUALITÉ, France
2019/8 13,700,000km^3 - Art Space Pythagorion, Greece
2018/8 Africa - Rethinking Architecture & Design, Denmark

2019/8 La Guarimba - Best Documentary

This film is especially strong. It showed incredible spectrum of approaches towards what a documentary can be. from enjoyable treats to films that ask the hard questions that have no easy answers. A film that addresses the audience as adults, is self-reflective, and a perfect example of a film that does not display false platitudes

2019 Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg - Winner International Competition

A film that reflects the brutal reality of the process of immigration; using images about and from the immigrants. Combined from different sources, the images make the viewer contemplate about the reality behind the image and the image behind the reality.

2018 25FPS - Audience Award

2018 Signes Du Nuit - Edward Snowden Award

The filmmaker brilliantly analyses the visual representations - almost always potentially misleading - of the human, geographical and frightening itineraries of migrant people. A brilliant editing and a sober voiceover guide the viewer into decoding the alleged neutrality of these images, always shaped by power.

2018 Global Migration Film Festival - 2nd place Short film category

2020/07 Taiwan International Human Rights Film Festival
2020/06 Helios Film Festival
2020/04 Dresden Film Fest
2020/04 Beirut Shorts
2020/03 International Film Festival of Uruguay
2020/03 La Fête du Court Métrage
2020/03 Art/Doc Festival Tel Aviv
2019/12 Linea D'Ombra Festival
2019/12 Beijing International Shortfilm Festival
2019/11 Heimspiel Film Festival
2019/11 KFFK Cologne
2019/11 l'Alternativa
2019/11 Alcalá de Henares (ALCINE)
2019/11 BIEFF
2019/11 Moviement Film Festival
2019/7 Tabor Film Festival
2019/6 Kino Otok
2019/6 VIS Vienna Shorts
2019/5 Poznan Design Festiwal
2019/4 Courtisane
2019/4 Go Short - European Competition
2019/4 Tabakalerea
2019/3 J'ai Vu Un Documentaire
2019/2 Clermont-Ferrand Festival
2018/11 Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
2018/11 Festival Dei Popoli
2018/11 Medfilm Festival
2018/6 Festival De Cine De Madrid
2018/4 Visions Du Réel

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