The approaching night sky consumes the last rays of the sun. Perched on a branch in a courtyard, a peregrine falcon devours a freshly killed bird. Far from the city, two brothers sit around a campfire chatting freely, talking about their fears, isolation, dreams, perception and football.

Language: English
Video, 21:30min, Color,

Directed Filmed & Edited by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen
Sound Design by Asbjørn Derdau
Voices: Basile Monsacré, Arthur Monsacré
Sound Recordings: Asbjørn Derdau, Andreas Sandborg, Stefan Kruse Jørgensen
Colorgrading: Fabiana Cardala
Supervision: Matthias Müller

Awards & Mentions
2023/6 Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema - Student Jury Special Mention

“For its investigation on the concept of matter through the change of light. The realism of the images transforms itself, becoming an abstract and estranging place where a flow of dream-like thoughts converges, amplified by a perfectly matched dichotomous sound."

2023/6 Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema

DassCinemag - Focus on Cinema

Graphic-design by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen